KDrama Adventure 2017: My Pick

Before I end 2017, I would like to list down my favorite KDramas for this year. I have to admit my interest has waned but the first quarter offered interesting dramas which made me check out a few more over the last few months. Although some of them started at the last quarter of 2016, I have watched them entirely in 2017 so I would include them in this list.

This is in no particular order and I have picked out those I have enjoyed watching.

  1. Goblin – The cast reeled me in. It was beautifully done, the story intriguing. Looking back though, I am not very fond of the female lead and I actually enjoyed Sunny and Grim Reaper’s romance more.  golbin_poster
  2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok joo – I did not expect that I would like this so much that I re-watched my favorite scenes countless times. The romance developed naturally, the friendship was a delight to watch and the characters were so real you feel like you know them personally. I rejoiced when the leads dated in real life and I am still hoping that they will get back together soon. weightlifting_fairy_kim_bok_joo_poster
  3. Legend of the Blue Sea – It’s Lee Min-ho and Jung Ji-hyun. I expected a lot but even if a lot of them were not met, the actors were enough to make me stay glued to my screen for all those 20 episodes.legend_of_the_blue_sea_poster
  4. While You Were Sleeping- The first few episodes were solid enough to keep one watching. I got a little bored in the middle and picked up again towards the end. I have a love-hate relationship with LJS and Suzy but right now, I love them both.250px-while_you_were_sleeping_282017_tv_series29
  5. Black – I enjoyed the mystery and the mythology until they ruined it in the end. Like HIMYM, I would just pretend that the drama ended when the baddies were eliminated. 250px-black_28tv_series29-poster
  6. The Liar and His Lover – I can’t help but compare it to the Japanese movie. I was annoyed at first because the lead guy was an a-hole in this drama but the growth of the characters made them endearing in the end. 250px-the_liar_and_his_lover_poster
  7. My Secret Romance- There were too many clichés, the actors were mediocre but the chemistry was good. It was a breezy, fun drama with the best kisses I’ve seen in KDramaland. 250px-my_secret_romance_p1
  8. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – It was one laugh out loud adventure with a creepy villain and the cutest on screen couple. My favorite scene was the Bodyguard spoof while Whitney Houston was belting in the background. 250px-strongwomandobong-soon_28main_poster29
  9. Chicago Typewriter – Go Kyung-pyo’s puppy dog eyes, Im Soo-jung’s crazy eyes, and Yoo Ah-in’s fierce eyes were unforgettable. The friendship between the three leads and the past story that bound them are the drama’s strong points more than the romance.250px-chicago_typewriter_poster
  10. Because This is My First Life- This is probably my top drama for 2017. It has that slice of life feel that is not boring. I loved the women even the marriage-crazy one. All the three couples are interesting. I saw Jung So-min in a new light and Lee Min-ki is really back.250px-because_this_is_my_first_life

Did I forget anything?

I hope I did not. I am currently watching Hwayugi because of Lee Seung-gi. Hopefully, there will be better dramas for 2018.


Random Muttering 12/18/2017

I am the type who avoid confrontation at all cost. I try to listen to what others have to say and stay quiet as much as I could. I try to analyze mistakes, even my own. I believe that problems can be solved if people talk calmly.

When I got older, my tolerance for shouting matches decreased. Most of the time, I just let people be for the sake of peace. Ayoko ng gulo, iniiwasan ko. It’s not good for my image nor for my health.

But there are people who would push you to the wall. You don’t enter my house wearing your filthy slippers with hands on your hips and shouting at my mother. Believe me, you are very lucky that those tables are there for me to throw because if a knife had been anywhere near me I might be in jail now and not ranting here.

Don’t act as if you are all that. I may be quiet, I may not say much but people have their limits. What I did earlier was just the tip of the iceberg. Stop provoking me or I’ll stoop down to your level and shut you up for good.

Sana’y Sapat

Kapag ang ngiti mo’y di umaabot sa mata,

Alam kong di ka tunay na masaya.

Dahil kung ikaw ay tunay na maligaya,

Ngiti mo’y abot tenga, mata mo’y halos wala na.
Alam kong may dinadaramdam ka,

Kung gaano kalalim yun ang di ko makita.

Hindi ko batid kung paano ka tulungan,

Walang ibang magawa kundi ika’y pakinggan.
Tanging payo lagi, lumapit sa Maylikha

May dahilan ang lahat, di man natin ito makita.

Takot, kalituhan, galit, kalungkutan –

Di man maubos, nawa’y maibsan.

Keep Me Awake =)

It’s first day back to the real world!

So far, nothing special or spectacular happened. It was just another day at work. Thankfully, I am not feeling lazy and I feel like I made the most of my break.  I just hope I’ll have enough energy for the whole day and I won’t be feeling sleepy later because I did not get enough shut-eye last night.

The sleepiness usually comes after lunch. Sometimes I feel like I am a swine, I feel sleepy after eating. Since it’s just the middle of the day and I still have work to do, here are some things I do to keep myself awake.

  1. Coffee – caffeine used to jolt me up but I noticed that my tolerance gets a little higher each time                                                                              23318758_10155456888154219_1900225899_n
  2. Wash face- if only I could take a bath, I would. The splash of cold water is enough to keep me on my toes for a few hours.       23318501_10155456909779219_2016308879_n
  3. Exercise – these stairs and the corridor are good for a slow jog which keeps my blood pumping.                                 23318558_10155456887884219_377511410_n
  4. Spicy food – i love them =) Once the spiciness touches my tongue, it would be hard to go dozing.                                  23315954_10155456888079219_1627314571_n
  5. Power nap – 15 – 30 minutes are my ideal. I have this secret spot in our library. After I have my nap, I feel so refreshed like I had a complete eight hour sleep.             23316191_10155456888049219_1124942549_n

Sometimes one of them is enough, there are times I use a combination or two or three methods and I know it’s really bad if I had to do all of them. As much as possible, I don’t want to do any because the best way to ward off sleepiness  is have enough sleep the night before.


I’ve been wanting  to try my hand at baking. Unfortunately, I don’t have an oven. I have tried making brownies in the toaster oven using the instant mix from the store but I really would love to make something out of scratch.

I came across this recipe at : https://www.chieffamilyofficer.com/2012/05/toaster-oven-brownies/

Since I have all the ingredients, I gave it a try.

It was another success. (Clap! Clap! Clap!)


Well not really that good to look at but they taste great. =)

Seven Things In My Bag =)

My ten-day break is almost over. I am happy that I made the most out of the brief break. I watched a few movies and caught up with a few TV series. I started writing again and I enrolled in a brief online course. It was fruitful so to speak.

Before I go back to the real world, I have to prepare my bag. I always try to bring as few things as possible to work. However, I find it hard to leave some essential stuff at home. Here’s what I always carry around in my bag.

  1. My pencil case – this is like Peter Pan’s bag of pixie dust for me. I can’t survive a day at work without my writing tools and I am not comfortable with just one type or one color.

pencil case

2. Make-up purse – powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and cologne. Ever since this kilay craze started, I just can’t get out of the house without doing my eyebrows.

make up

3. USB’s – Many important stuff are saved in them and in my line of work, I can’t afford to lose an important document.

4. Planner – smart phones are handy but I still feel much safer writing my goals down.

5.  Umbrella, towel, and fan – I live in a tropical country and I sweat a lot even if I am not moving when the sun is scorching hot and when it suddenly rains, an umbrella is sometimes not enough to keep me dry. (as of writing I can’t find my umbrella and I’m beginning to be pissed off ;<)

fan edited

6. ID’s and some coins – even if I leave my wallet, I have enough spare change to pay for public transportation.

7. cellphone – who can live without phones these days?

So there they are. I just have to carry them and I’m good for Monday. =)


My Star

I am old enough to know that making dreams come true is not easy. It entails a lot of sacrifices, risks, failures, and heartaches. Successful people often tell others that you really have to shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they are.

I have given up on my dreams. I just set small, realistic goals and achieved them little by little. I have learned the rhythm and the groove and I am comfortably doing what I know and learned.

However, not too long ago, I heard this popular religious advocate say that we should never give up on our dreams. Our dreams were put in our hearts by God for a reason which is why we must pursue it.

So here I am staring at that distant star again. Perhaps if I keep my eye on it, I would be able to reach it just like how others have reached their own stars.