Trying to get that feeling…

It’s a chilly night in our place. I am not really complaining. The heat of the summer in  this country is unbearable so I could use a little cold weather. I am worried about my relatives and friends in the US and Canada due to the polar vortex but with God’s mercy, I know they will be fine.

But you see, we’ll be heading off to Baguio this weekend. I am not really that excited since the weather here in Manila is bearable. However, I already said yes to this and this is like my first out of town trip for 2014, I am trying to feel excited. Who knows, maybe tomorrow or a little later, I would be as ecstatic as my companions are.

After all, the last time I’ve been there was four or maybe five years ago. And I never thought I would have fun but I did. I’m sure this trip will be fun too since I can be more carefree. I just feel a little envy when I hear my friends getting all excited about this.




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