A Breath of Nostalgia

My sister just gave me a bottle of my favorite cologne. The last time everyone was in love with it was way back in the 90’s. The bottle looks different, even the logo is somewhat not the way I remembered it. But one whiff and Angel’s Breath took me back in time.


I remember how me and my friends used to smell like each other every morning and how after walking under the sun we will put the powder with the same scent on our faces in the hopes that our crushes will notice us. I only had one bottle of it and I had to beg my Mom to buy me. After that, I just mooched from my friends. Back in high school, I cannot afford it. (Heck! I can’t sacrifice my lunch and snack money just to smell good. ) It used to be expensive. Now it’s cheaper and I have my own money, but it’s not so easy to find anymore.

High school, how I wish I could bring it back. I could only enjoy the scent and wish.


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