2014 Goggles

Graduation is just around the corner and like in my previous years I am experiencing graduation goggles. The school year was fine, not so great and not so bad either. But I am feeling sad and I suddenly miss the regular, chaotic class I had.

Watching my kids practice their graduation song makes me want to hug them after. I held back tears last Friday when I thought about not seeing them again.

wk 2

Every class has their unique qualities that I find endearing and annoying as well. Almost fifteen years teaching and I still feel this way, I kinda think I am stupid. Maybe it’s because in spite of my everyday complaints of how crazy each class is, I fail to realize that I am getting attached to them the way they are attached to me. It is only in the last few days do I realize how much I really cared for them.

Anyway, when June comes around and I meet my new kids, I am sure that I will feel different again. On Wednesday, I will give the kids a big hug and send them to their new world with a smile. =)


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