K. Drama: School 2013 (Some Thoughts)

Maybe it’s because I am a teacher or perhaps I just enjoyed my high school life that much. I love dramas and movies set in high schools. I watched Gokusen 1, 2, and 3 twice and I still watch some of my favorite episodes from time to time. School 2013 kinda reminds me of it, though this one is more dramatic and realistic than Yankumi’s class.


This is really just about school life, a teacher’s struggles, friendship and the best bromance I’ve watched so far. What I liked about it is it didn’t focus much on a love angle (it was so subtle it was ignorable). It is good to learn that kids nowadays are not so focused on dating. It was really all about the teachers and the kids inner struggles and the day to day issues that students face such as grades, tests, bullying, meddling parents, etc.

I wish Teacher Jung is real, I wish I could be like her. I mean be more involved and dedicated. I hope there would be more teachers like that. Go Nam-soon and Park Heung-soo are just so handsome to be former bullies. I mean how can they have that skin when they go into fights so much. But, I love how they delivered all those mushy lines with reddish eyes and tears about to fall expressions.

I enjoyed it and I will definitely watch this again before the new school year starts.


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