This is one of those weeks that I forget the existence of time. A week of vacation and my sleep pattern is disrupted  again. I’ve been watching Korean and Japanese dramas in the wee hours of the morning. From time to time, work duties remind me of their existence. I still have a week to go, I have a lot of plans. Yet, my hormones are not cooperating.

I am feeling so lazy!

I want to go out and meet my friends but when I start to prepare, the bed seems more inviting. I want to buy a few things at the nearby supermarket but the moment I change into more suitable clothing, the TV seems more interesting. I want to try out a new recipe but the moment I step into the kitchen, the computer seems more attractive.

Before I am even aware of it, the sky is dark and I am left with no other option but to go back and watch my beloved dramas.


I guess I am just making excuses.


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