The Way I Saw the World of Hot Young Bloods (KMovie)

Finally watched another Lee Jong-suk film – “Hot Young Bloods.” It was described as a teenage love story in a countryside setting. I was a bit hesitant to watch it because I can’t picture him being a casanova and all goofy but it was worth the try. I can’t call it great but something about it (maybe it wasLee  Jong-suk’s face LOL) made me finish it.


Young-sook (Park Bo-young) is a leader of a female gang while Joong-gil (Lee Jong-suk) is the school playboy. She has a crush on him and he hits on almost all the girls except her. Gwang-sik (Kim Young-kwan) is the leader of another high school gang who insists that Young-sook is his girl and So-hee (Lee Se-young) is a pretty transferee from Seoul. The story unfolded with a series of misunderstandings leading the characters to realizing their dreams and what their hearts really desire. 

The movie reminded me of that time when everything was a big deal and we can only see things from our point of view. It depicted the tendency of most young people to overreact and do irrational things. I wish a young person who is feeling down about having a one-sided love on someone learn from what Young-sook said, “The day we were talking about or past, I realized, except for you, I never wanted anything. So even though I just started, I want to find it.”  

I had a few laughs and I liked how it turned out. Maybe I’ll watch it again to appreciate it more.


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