NP: The King 2 Hearts

So I finally reached my 100th post here on WP and what a good way to post but the victory of the people’s champ right?

Anyway, it’s Holy Week and I kinda feel guilty for watching Kdramas because we are expected to be solemn and prayerful. But as long as I am not partying and playing loud music, the elders can let this pass. I am currently watching “The King 2 Hearts,” another drama in which I read a lot of mixed reviews but on my end, I am enjoying it. I really love Ha Ji Won, she’s bad-ass when it comes to action though her pa-cute acting makes me cringe a little since I am aware that we are of the same age. And I am currently developing a crush on Lee Seung-gi for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint yet.


So I have a few more episodes to go and I hope it will continue to give me this stupid smile on my face everytime I watch sweet moments between the couple.


2 thoughts on “NP: The King 2 Hearts

  1. For some reason, I didn’t get past the first episode. I honestly don’t know why because I like both Ha JiWon and Lee SeungGi… After reading your post, though, I’m thinking that I want to go back and try again. Terri really liked it… maybe I just wasn’t in the right mental place at the time. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your views on it.

    Stephe ^@@^

    • I actually watched the first episode about a year ago but I can’t remember what drama I got hooked on that I stopped watching.LOL
      Anyway, I hope you could watch it. I’m still smiling at the thought of the couple. =)

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