Monday Memory 4/28

jbt 014

 I was cleaning up my file folders in school when I came across this picture. I just find it funny that I found this on the exact day as five years ago when I visited the scenic and tranquil city of Dapitan in Zamboanga Del Norte.

We held a special class for high school students in Dipolog City. I met new people and was introduced to a world a bit similar and yet different from mine. We haven’t been in touch for the last five years except through Facebook and yet even there, we don’t exchange conversations. However, in that week that we spent together, exploring, learning and just talking, they have shown me that I can be more than what I am.

Unfortunately, five years have passed and I am still where I am. I only managed to gather more pounds, inches around my waistline, and insignificant experiences. I haven’t really moved on from Ted’s death and from the heartbreak given by someone I’d rather not mention.

Perhaps this picture is a reminder that I should pick up and apply what I learned from Bo, Irish, Rey, Kat and Jay. Though we may not see each other again or hang out that way again, I would like to believe, that all of us learned a little something from each other.


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