Dal Ja’s Spring (Kdrama, 2007) – Just Me Mumbling

I like noona romances. (Blame it on all these gorgeous Korean actors who are mostly younger than I am and all those attractive young men I see around me everyday.) So while I am juggling my time between my responsibilities and my hobbies, I watched “Dal Ja’s Spring” two episodes at a time and gradually loved it.


I fall under the same category (thirty-something single) that’s why it got me interested.  Dal Ja has almost everything – career, friends, family but she is pressured to date and get married. She has the looks and even has decent fashion sense but she is quite naive and inexperienced with men. What I like about her is that she tries to deal with situations maturely even though at first she made childish decisions (e.g. getting revenge on her ex but ended up being his best friend).

Apart from the romance, the series also tackled different stuff such as career and responsibilities. It was generally fun and refreshing and the fantasy sequences are funny. The secondary plots are also interesting. Overall, it was a well done drama with bits and pieces of lessons to offer along the way.


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