QHS 95 – Another One?

Ten years ago, when Friendster was on its peak, I organized our tenth year high school reunion. Five years later, I organized another one. Both were fairly successful, however, not as grand as we want it to be. Now, since more of our former classmates are Facebook users, there is a clamor for another reunion. I have announced before that I do not want to head the committees anymore but it seems that nobody is up for the job and some have even expressed that they don’t want a reunion organized by others. So it seems I have no other choice but to take on the responsibility again.


Honestly, I want to see my old classmates again and reminisce the old times. However, I am hesitant because organizing this event is stressful and draining. I have enough time but not enough financial resources and energy to deal with people who are either hostile, greedy, stingy, bitter, stubborn or any combination of those. I posted a call for volunteers and though many are hitting the like button, no one is posting a comment or sending me a pm. If nobody volunteers, I will definitely, not push through with this.

I have my own life too. ;p


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