Crushing on another one

I first liked him in the movie “Chilling Romance” (a.k.a. Spellbound) when I watched it about two years ago. I hunted all his movies but avoided the dramas because they were quite old and long. Then other ahjussis and flower boys caught my attention and made me forget him for a while. Dal Ja brought back that attention a week ago and  now I can’t have enough of Lee Min-ki!


Most Korean actors I like are so pretty they could pass for a girl but Lee Min-ki’s appeal is just so masculine that I want to act all girly and giggly in front of him. On screen he can turn into an innocent guy, a funny guy and even a crazy guy.

I’m in the middle of watching “I Really, Really Like You.” It’s old and it’s long and I have to watch it slowly to accommodate my schedule. But it’s okay because I will get to see him for 34 episodes and so far the storyline is just fine for me though there are subplots I skip from time to time.

Anyway, I am also watching “Shut up Flower Boy Band” and wasn’t really planning on finishing it because he’s gone after the first two episodes but it’s a good one so I just can’t let go.

I heard somewhere that he will be enlisted soon. I hope he gets to do another drama first.


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