Random Muttering

Another week has passed! Woo hoo!

Next week will be the last week of summer classes and I have to prepare for the training then the new school year. Boring. Just thinking about it makes me want to yawn. But still, this is my job and i have to work for a living and until I get that lucky ticket, I have to keep doing this. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will be more enthusiastic about it or maybe even later.

I just found my old journal in the heaps of old notebooks I was sorting out earlier in school today. The last time I wrote on it was about two years ago and it contains a lot of pictures of Rain and a lot of cute stickers too. It’s funny when you read your old journal and see your old self mumbling. I could clearly recall some of the events and others I couldn’t actually remember. What I find amusing is that two years seem like a long time but it actually feels like yesterday and I realized that I actually changed. The change was not drastic but I had some improvements.

So I decided I will start keeping a new old fashioned journal. Aside from keeping me sane, it helps me keep track of my progress towards my goal of being a better person.



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