KDrama Lookback: I Really, Really Like You (2006)

It was a long journey but I was able to get through. This is the longest K-drama I’ve watched so far all because of my crazy crush on Lee Min-ki. Thirty-four episodes of him acting all crazy and looking so young while pretending to be older. Eugene is really pretty with her pretty cheekbones and big eyes but her skin is way too smooth and her teeth too perfect for someone who grew up in the mountains. Can’t say much about the acting because they had me laughing and crying in some scenes and cringe in others too.


It was fun to watch but there just too many subplots. As i understand this was a weekend drama so that’s why it was this long. Though some of them are really necessary, the others can be skipped without losing the main point. Without the subplots though, this would’ve been compressed to sixteen episodes. One unnecessary subplot I liked was the one with the kitchen aide having a crush on one of the bodyguards because it was funny.

What I like about it is Nam Bong-ki’s character development from an immature, carefree and superficial presidential guard to someone serious about his job and liking someone who fall below his standards. I also like Bong-soon’s character because she has a good heart but what I hated was her pathetic crush on Jang Joon-won. I wanted to pull her hair when she cried for hours when she discovered that the guy is married.

It’s not one of the best but it was fine. It’s not really memorable but not entirely forgettable. Overall, it’s just a drama that you can enjoy while watching but not the type to leave you thinking about it after.


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