So What Watawat!!!

Being unmarried and not being in a relationship at my age is often the reason why I am being made fun of in family reunions. i am cool about it anyway and I can always defend myself against name calling and teasing. I know that they are worried for me and they all want me to have that someone anyway so I don’t take it seriously. However, I try to avoid giving them more reasons to tease me by avoiding stereotypes of old single women. I wear not-so-old-fashioned clothes, put on make-up and even use contact lenses instead of the usual eyeglasses.

But I made the stupid mistake of posting pictures of some crafts I did when I was so bored one day on my FB. I was just so proud of myself for learning something new but I forgot that crocheting is one of those things that some people attach to old maids.


One of my cousins told me that she wouldn’t be surprised if one day I buy a rocking chair and take care of cats.

I tried to argue that they’re called amigurumi and they are cute as heck and I did it for my students. But they just won’t listen and they continued giggling and heckling I ran out of defense that I ended up laughing with them and making fun of myself too.

Anyway, after that, I stopped crocheting. It was not just because of the incident, I also got busy with other things. Next week, I will have another week long break and I will try to pick up my yarn and needle again. I don’t care what they will call me this time as long as I am happy and I am not doing them or myself any harm.


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