One Whole Week for Moi

I will have a brief break next week and I will have another week of “me” time. I tend to set unrealistic plans but as a dear friend always says, it’s better to reach for the skies so that when I fail to reach it, I can at least fall on top of trees or buildings instead of face down on the ground. Some of the things I plan on doing are…

1.   Meet up with friends – I really, really miss them.


2. Make one of these to put on my table.


3. Watch (not necessarily finish) these Korean Dramas – Queen Ihnyun’s Man, The King of Dramas, You’re All Surrounded, Doctor Stranger, Triangle. Since some of them are currently airing anyway. The old ones I guess I’ll just watch two to three episodes a day.


4. Watch two Japanese doramas. One is currently airing, Border, which stars Shun Oguri and an old one I’d like to watch again, Anego, with Jin Akanishi.


5. Read. Anything.

6. Blog. Something.

7. Write. Everything.

8. Spend quality time with nephew and nieces.



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