KDrama Thoughts: Emergency Couple

The premise of “Emergency Couple” is not really my cup of tea. Bickering exes annoy me and as of this moment, I have no intention of going back to any of my exes or even see their shadow. But I like Song Ji-hyo and Choi Jin-hyuk and the first episode was funny so I ended up finishing it.


Oh Jin-hee  and Oh Chang-min were married when they were young and eventually divorced. They meet again after a few years and ended up working as interns in the emergency room of the same hospital. There, things happened and they eventually found their feelings for each other again.

I like how the characters developed. After the divorce, they both managed to pick themselves up and became doctors. From the beginning I wanted the leads to get back together again. Somehow Chief Gook is not a very strong second lead for me even though he tried doing things for Jin-hee, it’s not enough for me to even consider being together with him. But I felt really sorry for him at that bus stop scene when he saw Jin-hee and Chang-min kissing.

The pacing was good in the beginning but the last few episodes are ignorable. For me, the story finished the moment they realized they still care for each other.

Overall, it was an easy watch. There were a lot of cute moments but not cute enough to watch again.


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