What I really want right now…

My week long break has just started and I used most of my time doing something that I did not plan on doing – sleeping. I have been back to my old vampire lifestyle, sleeping during the day and awake after the sun sets. The night is an ideal time to do what I wanted to do like watch all those Kdramas, writing, reading and even meeting up with friends. However, I still prefer daylight even when the afternoons are a blazing 37 degrees Celsius. It’s like, I am missing out on a lot of things or something.

The thing is, I was all excited and raving about this break but honestly, I am bored again. It’s not because I miss working, it’s just that I don’t feel like doing what I planned on doing. I just realized that right now, what I want to do is fool around with my friends at the beach, or the mall, or even at home in front of a few beer bottles.


I wish it would be easier to just dial them up and let them come over. Everyone’s busy. Too busy.


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