My Work Desk

My work desk has a lot of clutter and is almost invisible most of the time. I don’t do actual work there because I use the main computer in the faculty room most of the time. I had plans of bringing my netbook to school once upon a time but it got stolen. So I sit in front of my desk on the average of five times a month and three out of those five was just to sleep.


I am going back to work in a few days. The last time I checked, the clutter was less than the usual. No, I don’t miss it. I am just reminding myself that it exists and I have to use it more often. Being in this job for too long made me feel like I know everything and there is nothing more for me to learn. This is why I am so bored and honestly, miserable. When I return, I will sit in front of that desk and try to clear my mind as I clear up all the clutter I left on it.


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