JW: Girl in the Sunny Place (Japanese Movie)

Jun Matsumoto and Juri Ueno are two of my most favorite actors. Needless to say, I was elated when I saw the trailer. The synopsis that I read from different sites made me expect a tearjerker or another one that leaves a melancholic aftertaste (typical of Japanese movies I watched so far). Well, what I got was something out of the ordinary and unexpected. I can’t say I like it neither do I dislike it. A part of me thinks it’s silly but another part thinks it’s touching.

The first 60% of the movie is good and made me all giggly. Matsujun’s charm and Juri’s acting got me. The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It be Nice” left me smiling silly. When the secret is slowly being revealed, it made me go WTF! Really? As in really?

I can’t really recommend this one. Unless you’re a fan like me, you might feel it’s a waste of time. If you are a cat lover or looking for something different, you might like it.


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