Five People I Hate to Share a Jeepney Ride With

Commuting is an important part of my life. I don’t have a car and I don’t know how to drive. I can only rely on public transportation and my strong legs to bring me to places I need to go to. Here in the Philippines, the primary form of transportation is the jeepney. Aside from robbers, pickpockets and perverts, here are some people that I hate having to share a jeep ride with.


  1. Dozers – I too am guilty of sleeping in the jeep especially when stuck in traffic or I did not get enough zzz’s the previous night. However, I make sure that I don’t use the shoulder of the person sitting beside me as my pillow.
  2.  Blockers – I understand that not all people can afford taxis or tricycles so even if some have too many baggages they still choose to ride a jeep. What I hate are those who insist on sitting near the entrance and leave their huge bags and boxes in the middle. Hello! There are empty seats at the end and people still need to enter.
  3. Sideway sitters and frogs – We all pay for our seats and we don’t deserve to have half of our butts hanging just for you to be comfortable. Please do not occupy seats good for two to three people just because you don’t want your balls to be squished or people to see your panties. Believe me, they couldn’t care less. If you insist on sitting that way, please hail a cab, you can even lie down if you want to.
  4. The handless – It is an unwritten rule for people to hand the fare of those sitting far from the driver and pass the money until it reaches manong. Some people are just shameless. There are those who pretend not to hear and others who just plainly ignore the money under their noses. Again, if you don’t want to help, please find another means of transportation.
  5. Sadakos – These are women with long hair who do not or just refuse to tie or even just hold their hair. The jeepney is not air conditioned and while they may feel like they are shooting some shampoo commercial when the wind blows their hair – it is causing annoyance or even pain to the person sitting beside them as their hair whips the person’s face.

So the next time we ride a jeepney, please try to be more considerate of other people. We all need to take that ride and the last thing we want is to be uncomfortable or to cause discomfort to other people.


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