Another what might have been

It was the 90’s. The time of alternative rock bands, boy bands, and generation X. It was the last party of the school year. It was the first and last high school dance she attended.

She could not afford to buy those bootleg pants and boots that her classmates were sporting. Adults might scoff but for a sixteen year-old, it could mean everything. She hid her envy and frustrations by pretending not to care when in her heart she wanted to dress up like them and get the attention that they’re getting.

He was the only one who saw her in that room. He asked her for a dance but she just stared at him. She wanted to say yes but the fear of being seen in her outdated clothes stopped her. He was one of the most popular guys in their batch and anybody dancing with him will be easily noticed.

That was twenty years ago. Now, she can afford to buy the latest clothes and even learned to make herself real pretty. The popular girls of the past are all married with kids and looking like, well, distressed mothers and housewives. Before she came here, she wondered if he would ask her for a dance like before. Or would he even be there?

He came and her heart jumped.

She smiled and he smiled back.

He went to her direction. She kept her fingers crossed. She can literally hear her heartbeat ringing in her ears.

Then he stopped and gave one of those has beens a kiss.

She balled her hand into fists as he introduced his wife.

His wife? They were never an item in high school?!

They started dating the night of that party. He found his future, after getting rejected by his long time crush.

Now she felt her heart crush into pieces. It’s another what might have been.


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