Me and My Projects

When I was in high school, I hated any activity that involved artistic talent and craftsmanship. Up to this day I still wonder how I managed to get high grades in both my MAPEH and THE classes. I hated needles, paint, scissors and anything that involves working with my hands.

That is until I got heartbroken.

Paper clay was the in thing at that time. I discovered that working with these hands can keep my mind away from the endless questions, anger, pain and whatever negative emotion that that guy gave me. I was focused on creating something and the result was satisfying.

So this is how my affair with crafting started.

Whenever I feel anxious or stressed, I begin a new project. I discovered crochet, painting, recycling, sewing and now rubber band weaving. My students are so crazy for these loom bands that I ended up trying them myself. I have given away a few and tried some more complicated patterns.


My niece and my nephew loved them so I have no choice but to make new ones for myself. But I am not complaining. I have found a way to relax and at the same time make the kids smile.



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