Random Muttering 6/30/2014

My days are busier than ever. I miss watching K-dramas. I can only watch one episode a day if I am lucky so now I am trying to just wait for the ones which are currently airing (e.g. You’re All Surrounded).

Another Korean drama is being remade here in the Philippines. This time it’s “49 Days.” They changed the title to “Pure Love” and turned the 49-day period to 40 days to make it a little Filipino. I am not a fan of the local actors and I don’t like 49 Days that much. Among all the KDrama remakes, the only one I enjoyed a little was “My Girl” but then they put more drama and poof! There goes my interest. I hope Pure Love will do better. They already ruined Lovers in Paris, Full House and Coffee Prince for me. I mean I’m okay with making it easier to relate to by inserting something Filipino but they just can’t resist putting in more tears and inserting kidnapping or hostage taking or sometimes both. Sometimes, the drama is already makjang, we make it more makjang and the end result is an effin’ disaster. (e.g. Stairway to Heaven, Endless Love)


Anyway, I am really, really hoping that they could make this one better. The premise is good enough, I am crossing my fingers that no one would be kidnapped and brought to an empty warehouse where everyone will arrive to hear the truth from the villain. And the police will arrive only after the villain had displayed all his dirty laundry.

Please don’t ruin this one for the fans of the original one.


One thought on “Random Muttering 6/30/2014

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