Happy Birthday Ted

It’s been six years since the last time we celebrated this day. It’s almost six years since you left us that way. Yet, I still can’t find the right words to say.

You always said that I write better in Filipino because it’s more honest and it pierces the heart more. Now, I am writing this in English because I simply can’t bare my heart. It’s still in chaos and until I have sorted things out, I will continue to write to you this way.

It’s been this long, our friends and I have moved on but we still can’t let go. We’re still hurt, we’re still asking a lot of questions. We want you to find that elusive peace and happiness that you have longed for so much in this world. Yet, we can’t help but miss you. We love you too much to forget you.

This had always been a happy day for us. We have always looked forward to your parties because no one throws a bash better than you. Thinking of those times, those crazy nights make us smile and laugh even. But in the corner of our hearts, we all feel a certain pain and we can only wish that time will do its role and heal us.

Happy birthday Ted.

We will try our best to be happy for you. We will always have you in our hearts.



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