Am I so Mean?

Am I so mean to ignore and block an old friend in Facebook?

The thing is I feel guilty because she had been the only friend who stayed with me when everyone else avoided me. She understood that I was immature at that time and my emotions turns me into someone else. Anyway, that was a long time ago and we had good times together until we had to go our separate ways. We found each other again after more than ten years.

A lot happened, so much has changed. We just grew apart. I know she really wants to bring the old times back and I tried too. However, after a few conversations, I just ran out of things to say. My life is boring. I’m single, I rarely go out and she is not even responding when I tell her about my job.

Then the comments started. I think she looked at my old albums and commented on a lot of them. Though her comment is one and the same, just stated in different ways. “Ang taba mo.” (You’re so fat) “Bakit ang taba mo?” (Why are you so fat?)

I can understand her surprise because believe it or not I was stick thin from childhood to around early adulthood. I started gaining weight when I turned thirty. And I have accepted my fate.

At first, I told her, “Syempre kumikita na, may pambili na ng pagkain.” (Of course, I am earning now, I have money to buy food) and other such stuff to shut her up. She’s a plain housewife and seems struggling to make ends meet. But it didn’t work. Either she really can’t believe I’m this fat now or she just didn’t get it.

I started ignoring her comments. But she didn’t stop. What made me block her finally was when she texted me to say “Ang taba mo talaga!” (You’re really fat!)


Am I hurt? Am I insulted? Not really, it’s the truth anyway.

I am just annoyed. She sounds like a broken record and what do we do with broken things? THROW THEM! No matter how sentimental its value is. I would rather forget about it than be irritated again and again.


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