A Stormy Night

I really can’t sleep when there is a storm.

Almost five years ago, I have experienced how’s it like to flee from your own home because the flood water is rising. I have spent a night sitting down, hugging my dog and continuously praying for the rain to stop. My nephew was just a week old and my mom is worried sick about my sister who just gave birth. Surrounded by strangers, wondering where and how our other relatives are doing – it was a feeling I wish I would not feel again.

Two years after that, we were just barely recovering, flood waters entered our new home again. This time, it was slower and some relatives picked us up and brought us to safety. Though not as scary as the first one, it was still something I wish I don’t have to experience.

That’s why I cried rivers last year when I watched the news coverage of what happened in Tacloban during Yolanda (aka Haiyan). They have experienced much much worse and I couldn’t even imagine how those people felt.

I can hear the wind howling outside. I have checked the roads for signs of flood. And as the rain beat the roof of our house I pray, please God, keep us safe. Please watch over everyone.


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