After Four Days in Darkness

After four and a half days of living in darkness – the power is back.

I thought the storm was just, you know, another one of those storms. But it uprooted a really large tree in our area and in the process hit some electrical wires so we have no electricity for almost five freakin’ days! I missed my favorite TV shows, my Korean dramas, my blog, my Facebook, my computer!

We called the power company many times but the hotline was always busy. The streets around us are lighting up one by one and after the second day, we were the only dark street in this part of the city. I wanted to go amok on the third day and if curses could kill, the entire power supplier and even local politicians would be dead by now. My sister was able to get through the hotline and they told us that nobody reported that a transformer broke down in our place. And I was like WHAT? How in the world can we report it when we can’t get through any of your lines?!

Anyway, yesterday, I got tired of being angry. I accepted our fate. Maybe it was happening because I have to learn how to live like a caveman in the twenty first century.

Then the repair truck came. When the power got back, the whole street burst into cheers. Our neighbors even fed the repairmen.

And as I go back to my normal routine, I told myself that fits of rage will not solve anything. Things will eventually go back to normal.


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