Time to be Free

It’s raining and the wind is cold. It’s almost midnight and she’s still on the road after another overtime in the office. She’s been working to the point of exhaustion for about four years now. Her bank account has more digits than she had aimed for but she can’t stop. She just wants to keep working and earning and saving.

She heard her stomach growl and realized that the last meal she ate was four hours ago. She headed to the nearest convenience store, took a bowl of noodles and stood in front of those standing up tables. The place is empty, the roads are almost deserted. If not for the rain and the howling wind, it’s a quiet and peaceful night.

The door opened and a couple walked in. The guy whispered something to the girl, making her giggle. She shook her head and sipped the warm broth. She’s over the phase of hating on couples just because they’re happy and she’s not. It was her choice to end her relationship four years ago and it’s not other people’s fault if her love was a failure.

She looked at the couple once again and stopped.

it was her ex.

She looked at her reflection in the glass.

Her eyes are sunken, hair disheveled. This is not the image she wanted him to see. Four years and she looked like this – he might think she’s not over him. But is she really over him?

She looked at her reflection. For the first time she noticed, the loneliness that is trying to hide in the corner of her eyes. The reason why all she wanted to do was to work and to earn and to save – is to banish that loneliness.

She abandoned her noodles and walked under the rain.

He’s not worth the four years of pain, loneliness and exhaustion.

She headed to a five star hotel, ate the finest food, and slept in the most expensive room.

It’s time to set herself free.


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