It’s been really busy these past two weeks with the exam and all those extra curricular ativities coming. I haven’t been blogging and everytime I try to, I feel like I have nothing to write about.
Right now I am stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic in Metro Manila is getting worse everyday. Sometimes I wish I could just opt not to go to school and leave my students to the other teachers. Every morning feels like a battlefield and I am losing each time. I tried waking up earlier and leaving our house earlier but I still end up late. From now on, I will stop trying.
I am tired of cursing at everyone from the drivers to the traffic police to the president of this country. I don’t have enough energy to feel frustrated anymore. I will be passive from now on. I will follow my own routine – wake up when I want to, leave when I feel like leaving and sleep when the roads get congested.


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