The Floods Strike Again

I live in a tropical country and typhoons are a part of our lives. I hate to say that we are used to it because when they strike, it still is scary. But we are more alert now and we have made a few adjustments.

The worst I have experienced was 2009’s Ondoy. Our whole house was covered by water and we ran to the nearest three-story house. We spent more than 12 hours silently praying and having a staring contest with other survivors sitting on the roofs of their houses.

We left that place after and started again some place else but two years later, monsoon rains flooded our new place. Luckily, not a lot of our possessions got damaged and the water did not rise as fast as it did during Ondoy. When the rains stopped after three days, we cleaned up and life went on.

I did not imagine that Thursday night’s rain will bring flood again. This time, the culprit’s name is Mario.

I woke up at six a.m. to find water outside our door. We hurriedly put our things on higher places, on top of tables, beds, and even closets. In less than an hour, the water went inside our house and luckily, we were faster. Not a lot of things got wet and we were able to find a place to stay in.


I hope that many people were as lucky as we are and I hope that I will not experience this again.

Now, we’re cleaning up and my arms are a bit painful from all the sweeping. There’s just too much mud and dirt but hopefully, we will be able to sleep in a dry room later.


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