Random Muttering 10/12/2014 – Drawings, Dances, Dramas

Another uneventful weekend has passed and I am thankful. Gone are the days when I felt so down and left out if I was not drunk or if I was not able to go to the mall or something. I have really gotten older because I actually feel happy because I spent time with my nephew and nieces. Though my blood pressure rose a few notches when I saw these on the windows.

window drawings


Our school’s annual costume party is coming soon. This year, the kids will dress up like fruits and veggies. I’m wondering if there will be wacky costumes this year. =) I just finished looking for an appropriate song and now I’m choreographing in my head. I’m really not good at dancing though I love dancing. Good luck to me.

I am currently watching “My Lovable Girl” with Rain and Krystal. So far… I am loving Rain even more. The drama – not yet really. I’m easy to please and I am really not choosy. But lately, I can’t seem to find a drama I can rave about. Maybe when the Nodame remake comes out.


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