Cantabile Tomorrow: First Glimpses

Nodame Cantabile is one of my favorite Japanese doramas. I read the manga and watched the anime too. I was excited for the Korean remake and though I am telling myself to keep an open mind, I can’t help but compare it to the original sources. But then again, this drama is too young to make any generalizations. I am listing down a few things that I am beginning to like and wish I will like.


My likes:

1. The lead characters are good. I loved Shim Eun-Kyung since “Sunny” and Joo Won since “Bridal Mask.” These two can deliver and so far I am satisfied with the acting.

2. I like it that Yoo-jin’s developing feelings are more visible (e.g. the jealousy).

3. This is also less slapstick and cartoonish but still has that feel.

4. The music. Period.


I hope I can like these more…

1. Yoo Il-rak and Ma soo-min (Mine and Masumi in the J-doramas). I am trying not to compare but the J-actors who played these roles, Eita and Keisuke Koide, are really good. They have big shoes to fill. (Others may argue that the leads are the same but SEK and JW have already proven themselves in their earlier works.)

2. The side stories of the Dean, Yoo-jin’s mom, Mine’s Dad and the other older people in the story.

Right now, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that this drama will meet my expectations. I am not hoping for much. I just hope that they will keep it light and not put the music at the backseat. And of course, give us more heart fluttering moments (which K-dramas are so good at).


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