Random Muttering 10/20/2014 – Reunions, Fan girling, Social Calls

I have finally given in to my batch mates’ request to organize our reunion. Since the sembreak is about to come and our 20th anniversary is near, I might as well take on the job. This time, I really won’t care what bitter people will say. I will only be interested in the opinions of those who are cooperative and supportive. The more I try to please more people, the more people are not satisfied. This time, I will stick to the original plan and if they don’t like it, so what.

I am currently watching “My Lovable Girl” since I am a big fan of Rain as an actor. He is the only reason I am watching this drama. The show is not bad, there are just moments that I hit the forward button. Krystal is disappointing, good thing Rain is making up for her.

my lovable girl

Rain’s intensity is still not wavering.

Have you ever felt that need to text or call your friends just for the sake of calling them?

I don’t know what has gotten into me this afternoon. I just called, texted and messaged my friends just to tell them about something so mundane — my crappy donuts. And it felt good, though I am not sure if my friends felt the same. LOL


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