Lesson of the Evil (Aku no Kyoten) – some thoughts

To be honest, blood and gore really do not amuse me. I hate it and when I watch movies with too much of it, I spend half the time covering my eyes and screaming “ugh!” I watched this movie expecting a lot of it (It’s Takashi Miike, who am I kidding?). The synopsis was intriguing and the actors as well.

It tells a story of a high school English teacher, liked by everyone, handsome and charismatic who happens to be a psycho killer.

Oh come on! Who wouldn't have a crush on him? =)

Oh come on! Who wouldn’t have a crush on him? =)

The first half of the movie was ketchup free. As the story gradually builds up and shows Hasumin’s evilness, more and more violence happen (hence my instinct to cover my face increased). However, the cast was too good to miss (Shota Sometani, Fumi Nikaido, Takayuki Yamada, and Hayashi Kento were notable). I felt the fear, the hate and the disgust. The creepy music added – it was one movie that would be enjoyed by those who like scaring themselves. Can such evil exist?

The ending credits showed “to be continued.” And I am wondering how such a story would end.


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