Boxes and Canisters

It is the first day of being back to my world full of clutter. I have tried countless of times to organize my stuff and get rid of things I don’t use and things I rarely use. But still, I ended up with two large boxes of items waiting to be filed.

This morning, I tried once again because I kinda miss seeing my tabletop. Good thing an old colleague left me with these two nice canisters where I was able to put some of the small items which I cannot decide yet where to put.

canisters 2

Just like this blog… I am trying my best to put my thoughts in order. However, this is me. I am not the type to pursue only one thing. My interests are so varied and my mood is so unpredictable. This is the only way I know to contain thoughts – I put them all in disorganized boxes and canisters because no matter what kind of filing and systematizing I do, I would always discover new things and my old system will be in chaos once again.

So I’ll just drop my thoughts in this container as I go.

I hope people will still give it some attention and maybe find something interesting as they uncover each box and each canister.


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