My Occasional Gambling Problem

Winning the lottery is what many of us wish for right? Though a lot may not even buy tickets, it is nice to fantasize about the things that we can do if we have that much easy money. I am not proud of it but I came from a family of gamblers, my father, my uncles and grandfather lived their lives gambling. They’re not the reckless or pathological types. They’re less than that but they gamble more than occasionally (does that even make sense?).

Seeing their lives and how gambling prevented them from being more than what they really could, our generation practiced self control. My siblings, my cousins and I stayed away from gambling as much as we could because we are all aware of how easily we get suck in. We all discovered it when we went to a casino together just to see how it looks like and we all ended up spending more than we originally intended.

However, the lottery is different. You won’t lose much because it’s much cheaper and the draws are scheduled so you don’t have to sit for long. Aside from that, it’s not as enjoyable as a poker or black jack table. That’s what I thought.

From time to time I take my chance. I put in my family’s birth dates and I buy scratchable ones. Sometimes I win as much as P300 and never more than that. I thought it was okay that I am actually winning a little. Until…

I cleaned up my bag and saw all these –


And they do not include the ones I threw away. Adding their prices, I know I have spent more than what I won.

Gambling is gambling no matter how small the stakes are. Right now, I feel like I wasted all those money which I could have used for something more fun and useful.

I’ll take a break from buying them for now. After all, if having instant money is for me, luck would find me even if I don’t look for it. =)


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