Random Muttering 11/7/2014

Another workweek is over. I am glad that I was able to do what I planned on doing after the brief sembreak. It was tiring and yet – I really don’t mind at all.

Since I do not have to wake up early tomorrow, I am planning on watching movies and dramas and just bum around and be lazy all day later. This will be a short break because I have a few tutorial jobs on Sunday. Though I hate to cut my breaks short, I need all the money I can earn. Christmas is just around the corner and I would like to give my loved ones nice presents for this year instead of the generic ones.

I’ve been watching the Philippine remake of the Korean drama “Two Wives.” It’s the usual tale of a husband who abandoned his wife for another woman. Lately it seems that local movies and teleseryes are delving in this topic. I am actually tired of watching films with this theme but Kaye Abad impressed me with her acting skills that I find myself affected and hating on the husband and the other woman.

I just find it irritating that the writers are trying to make the mistress look good and I am getting tired of the line that it was not their choice. They keep on using love as an excuse that I can’t get myself to sympathize with them.

Anyway, I decided to stop watching until the episode when the first wife will have an upper hand. It’s bad for my blood pressure.

I will be watching the last episode of “My Lovable Girl” just because I love Rain. I hope the next time he acts in a drama he will be put alongside actors with the same caliber. It was such a waste of Rain’s acting skill.



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