Life’s Teeny Weeny Surprises

This is one of those days that me and my pals have called the “critical wallet day.” We are all employees who live from paycheck to paycheck. This is the few days before the next salary comes in. The day when we settle for canned goods and instant noodles for lunch and when we pinch every coin just to make it last before our 15th day blessing comes.

I was rummaging through my bags when I discovered that the spare changes that I just throw in when I have more than enough cash. Maybe I am just too shallow but it made my day.


Life is too short to spend time worrying about material things. I have always believed that being penniless is the eve of having a lot of money. Worrying about small things like this will rob you of your time to enjoy and appreciate life’s little surprises. Even if it’s as teeny weeny as a few forgotten coins in your bag.


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