Oh well…

I wanted to pursue higher education. Not only as a means to a higher position but to refresh my knowledge and catch up with the modern trends of my profession. I was enrolled almost ten years ago, in a program I liked, in a school I love, but I dropped out. The reason? I fell in love.

Many of my friends tell me that i should not regret because it is a waste of time. What’s done is already done and the only thing we can do is learn from it and avoid making the same mistake again. However, when I think about it now, I can’t forgive myself for sacrificing something so important. That relationship didn’t work out and if only I had earned that degree. I would have the consolation of having something else that I really wanted. But because I gave it up, I ended up losing both love and a dream.

Now I am telling myself that it’s not yet late. I can still go back, I can still somehow, make things work out. Yet, I am not so sure if it’s fear that is stopping me or it’s lack of enthusiasm. I am not as eager to go back to school as I was when I was a bit younger.

Oh well! That’s life.

Things change continuously – appearances, priorities and even dreams.



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