Favorite Korean Actresses – My Personal List

After the list of my favorite actors, it is only fair to take note of my favorite actresses as well. As I have said earlier, I am not very familiar with acting styles and when I say someone is good, it is because they have left an impression on me and affected me somehow. My knowledge of their works is limited too but one or two of their works are unforgettable to me so I like them no matter how unimpressive they are to others. I must mention that romcoms are my preference, my comfort zone. I cannot really comment about their versatility because I have not watched them in heavy roles.
This is a list of my favorite actresses who are in their 30’s.
1. Ha Ji-won – I really like her when she is doing action scenes. She has that ability to pose and act cool no matter how simple the actions are. No wonder my favorites are her stuntwoman role in “Secret Garden” and soldier role in “The King 2 Hearts.” But I also liked her in “As One” and “Love so Divine.”

2. Gong Hyo-jin – She is neither the typical girl next door nor the stunning beauty that many actresses are. Gong Hyo-jin does romantic comedies like she is just walking in a park on an ordinary day. My favorites among her works are “Star Candy and Biscuit Teacher,” “Greatest Love,” “Master’s Sun,” and “Crush and Blush.”

3. Kim Sun-ah – Kim Sun-ah will always be Kim Samsoon to me. Just like GHJ, romantic comedies are her strength. She can also make you cry like in “Scent of a Woman” and she can do a little action like in “She’s on Duty.” She’s one of the first actresses who made noona romances cute and imaginable.

4. Son Ye-jin – Out of all her dramas, I only watched “Personal Taste” which is quite boring in my opinion. Nevertheless, I felt sympathy for her role which I believe is one of the measures of being a good actress. I liked her in “The Classic,” “Lover’s Concerto,” “Crazy First Love” and “Spellbound.” Her performance in “White Night” showed that she is capable of doing roles outside her usual ones.

5. Yoon Eun-hye – Yoon Eun-hye’s best work for me is still “Coffee Prince.” Her gestures, actions and facial expressions as the boyish Eun-chan is the best female passing up for male role I’ve watched. Though some of her dramas are ugh worthy (e.g. Lie to Me), she has never disappointed me with her performance especially with kissing scenes. A lot of younger Korean actresses should have lessons from her. Aside from Coffee Prince, I enjoyed her in “Princess Hours.”

6. Jun Ji-hyun – She recently rocked the KDrama world with her highly successful “You From Another Star.” But who would ever forget her in “My Sassy Girl.” I believe that it was that movie that made her unforgettable to everyone.

7. Song Hye-kyo – I believe that it takes a certain skill to do a dying girl role and in her earlier works, particularly “My Girl and I” and “Autumn in My Heart,” Song Hye-Kyo made a lot of viewers cry. Maybe because of her pretty face and small figure but she evokes that feeling that you want to protect her. But I enjoyed her a lot in “Full House.”


I know all of them can do roles outside the ones that they are usually doing. All of them have nailed romcoms (and for me the South Koreans are the best in this genre). And I would never get tired of watching them in spunky roles.

How about you? Who’s your pick? =)


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