Random Mutterings 12/5/2014 – Hell Week, Preparedness, Lookback

December started with too much work. For a week, I walked around like a zombie with only 4 hours (sometimes less) of sleep. The more deadlines to meet and tasks to accomplish, the more I wanted to run to my KDramas but I persevered. The heaps of work is halfway done but at least I have some room to breathe now. I can catch up with the dramas, and the series, and the movies. Yes, I am excited. =)

The whole nation is on alert again for another (super) typhoon. We have learned our lesson from Yolanda (Haiyan) and it is good to note that people are more aware now. We’re still praying that it will leave soon but the reports say it’s moving slowly so it’s staying longer in the country. We’re not directly hit but I hope it will not bring too much rain because our area is flood prone.

I gave in to the calls of my high school friends to organize the reunion. We visited our former school last Wednesday and I didn’t expect how the visit would affect me. I felt like that visit is just the pick-me-up that I need. I’ve been losing my confidence. Every time I see my old classmates who are more successful and looks happier, I can’t help but feel left out.

But seeing my old school, I remembered the memories of those years when I was one of the bests. The old teachers who still recognize me reminded me that if I push myself and believe that I can, I could be what I want to be. Suddenly, I am all excited for all the things that I can do.


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