Cantabile Tomorrow – My Take

Cantabile Tomorrow finally wrapped up. I can’t say I’m satisfied because there are more chapters which were not covered but I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. There were a lot of deviations from the source material; some are good and some not so. I am not the type to focus on shortcomings so I will just write about what I liked. Here are some of the things I enjoyed.

1. Yu-jin and Naeil – Joo won and Shim Eun-kyung attacked the role differently from their Japanese counterparts. Yu-jin showed more concern for Nae-il and even for his new found friends. Nae-il became more tamed and a little more serious.

I would like to defend SEK. As a fan, it was heartbreaking to read how some netizens attacked her in the first few episodes. I think it was because she tried to act it the way Ueno Juri did in the J version and once she did it her own way, she was able to nail Nae-il. She is still young after all and though she has proven herself in her past works, she’s still learning.

2. The friendship and growing up together – Though I still believe that the J counterparts are better actors, the relationship between the characters floated more in this version.


3. Yoon-hoo – His character was a catalyst in the growth of all the others. I just loved how he made Yu-jin see the importance of the people around him.


I told myself to stop comparing mid-season so that I can truly enjoy this one. But looking back, I enjoyed the Japanese version more because it was funnier, the music much better and it had less deviation from the manga and anime (which I think is the best version). This version inserted more drama and it’s less manga-esque.

On its own, I can say that it is good and it’s worth watching. It had its moments. The enjoyment level is different.


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