Random Muttering 12/17/2014 – Christmas Countdown

The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year. For the past two weeks, I feel like the energizer bunny that just  keeps going and going and going…

We just wrapped up the kids’ party. We will have a program on Friday and the teachers’ party. Then there’s our family reunion and our HS class’ party. I haven’t finished shopping, haven’t finished wrapping presents, haven’t prepared a lot of things. Just thinking of all the things to do makes me tired already!

But then, no matter how tiring, this is still my favorite time of the year.


It’s nice to see friends and family together with smiles on their faces. It’s nice to hear kids shrieking in delight. It’s nice to smell those delicious stuff wafting from the kitchen. Though this season is physically and financially draining, it’s socially and emotionally fulfilling.


With a week to go, I am willing myself to enjoy this season. After all, this is our Savior’s birthday. All these happy things are from Him and for Him. =)


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