Noche Buena 2014

This is the time when my inner cook comes out – the yearly Midnight Christmas Dinner. I still needed some guidance from my mother but for this year, she left the planning to my sister Jane and me. The end result was satisfying and the best part is being with each other on this night when our Savior was born.

For appetizers, we planned on making bruschetta. But since we were not able to buy French bread, we improvised and used sliced bread instead. I just toasted the bread on a pan, topped it with egg and mayo mixture and a piece of bacon.


We also prepared vegetable salad with vinaigrette.


Our entree is creamy mushroom and shrimp pasta.


Then of course, my Mom’s fried chicken.


For dessert, Christmas cookies and cheesecake balls.


It’s still a tradition for us to wait until twelve midnight before we start eating. Later, we will wake up real early to attend mass and visit relatives, godparents, and old people. But since the old community where we used to live in has now parted ways, we will have a family reunion.

Happy birthday Jesus! I hope that even if His birthday has been too commercialized, people will still remember that this is His day.

Merry Christmas!


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