Half eaten burgers, wacky faces, coffee cups

It was the third meeting for the planning of our 20th high school reunion. My friend Ana and I were really hungry when we set forth and ate an unsatisfying rice meal during the meeting. When everyone else went home, my two bff’s – Ana and Gladys and I decided to share some more time together. Gladys gave us a treat of burgers and soda while Ana paid for the coffee, me? I just enjoyed my time with them.

Since I am still a bit full from the meal, I ended up eating only half of the burger. In the midst of exchanging stories and catching up, we took a lot of pictures and made some really wacky faces. Other customers were looking at us but we couldn’t care less. We were having fun like a bunch of silly high school girls.

Another year is about to end. Who would’ve thought that from a group of twelve inseparable friends in high school, only the three of us would be left? To think we were not the best pals back then. Twenty years have passed since the whole clique was together. One had passed away, four are living abroad and four are just busy living their own lives. The three of us are not talking about it but we all know that gathering the group once more is our main priority in being active in this reunion over finding people we barely know.

Over cups of coffee we reminisced how fun it had been when we were all together. The first time we drank alcohol, tried cigarettes and used our charms to get boys’ attention. Those moments when we crammed for assignments, competed for grades and prepared projects. There were fun times and sad times but we all agreed that there were more good times than bad.

We grew apart, went separate ways but looking back, it’s still nice to be together.



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