Brace Yourselves…

2014 is about to say goodbye and I am now in the process of writing a thank you letter to her before she finally closes the curtain. And of course, I am now thinking of my resolutions. I know, I know. I checked my list last year and I am ashamed to admit that I was not able to do most of them (probably all).

The thing is, making resolutions is a personal tradition of mine. I like feeling hopeful and motivated at the beginning of the year and even if I lose my enthusiasm in the middle, I can have something to laugh at at the end of the year. But of course my real goal is to carry out those resolutions and not have a good laugh come December 31.

Many people I know have given up on making resolutions on New Year’s. It’s true after all, we can make resolutions even if it is not the beginning of the year. For sentimental ones like me though, the occasion makes it more symbolic. I believe that it is more meaningful to begin the year with something to look forward to. I think fireworks seem brighter when the hope of being a better person is also exploding within you.

So no matter what they say, I would still bring out my brand new journal and fill the first page with my resolutions!



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