Random Muttering 1/2/2015 – Welcome 2015!

It took me some time to write down my first post for this year. Overhauling this blog came to my mind, or just organizing because my topics are all over the place. Of course I thought of ways of getting more views and more likes. After hours of contemplating, I realized that I can easily write if my intent is clear. Why did I start this blog in the first place?

I gave this blog the title “On the Go Me” because I wanted to write about whatever, whenever I feel like it. But somehow, reading other blogs and seeing the popularity of a lot of specialized ones made me doubt if this one made sense. And I admit I get really thrilled when I see likes or on rare occasions, comments on my posts. However, I believe that this is where my inability to write comes from. I am afraid that the few followers I have will somehow get irritated by my frequent posts about things they are not really interested in or if I get too personal.

So now I am going back to where I started.

I will write about whatever interests me, whenever I want to write about it. If some people find my posts interesting, thank you. If they get irritated, they can always ignore me.

I will continue writing and cross my fingers. Somehow, in this expanding internet-verse, some people will hear me out and not pass judgment. Welcome 2015! Here’s to hope that I will always be reminded not to get swayed by others’ success and just work hard to do my own thing.

sky lights


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