Revisited: Bandage (2010 Japanese Film)

“Bandage” is a Japanese film shown five years ago. I remember checking it out after watching “Anego” and being all crazy for Jin Akanishi. Unfortunately, I was turned off by the shaky camera, thinking that the copy I found was not a good one. It took me some time before I sat down and finished it.

The movie was set in the nineties and it revolved around the indie rock band LANDS. Asako (Kie Kitano) is a high school student who became an instant fan of the band when a friend introduced them. She and the said friend watched their concert and managed to sneak backstage. Asako was hoping to get a close look at her crush, the lead guitarist Yukiya (Kengo Kora), but was noticed by the lead singer Natsu (Jin Akanishi). As Asako hangs out with the band, she became their sub manager for a while and becomes a witness to their rise to fame and all the conflicts that they encountered.

I consider the 90’s my time and just like in Japan, here in my country, alternative rock bands were on the rise during that time. In spite of the blurry story line, I held on because it touched some personal strings in me. However, there are some things that I don’t get like why did the band think that Natsu’s so called relationship with Asako is ruining the band. In the first place, were they really dating because as far as I can understand, she is an assistant manager and they rarely spend time alone together.

I understand the ending. It was hanging but logic tells me that it was a happy one. But then, it was disappointing because I was waiting for a much more heart fluttering and emotional one.

So why should you watch this movie? The characters are likeable though a bit lacking in dimension. The music is good, the acting as well. And of course, Jin Akanishi – even with unruly hair and dugyot clothes – who makes you want to hug him at every scene and say, “I’m here.”


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