Random Muttering 1/7/2015 – Frustration

In the middle of my first week at work in 2015, when things are going as planned and I am all excited – my phone company and internet service provider burst my bubble!


I know that I am at fault here too. It’s just so frustrating I want to pick a fight with someone, actually anyone. But I know it won’t solve anything. So I am writing this down to calm down and maybe I will have a clearer head later and be able to come up with a solution.

I am not usually dependent on my phone, I even leave it at home sometimes. But I would be meeting a few people tomorrow. I can live without the internet but I have to do some important things for work. Now I have to make do with this less than 1mbps connection. Why is this happening? Why now?

Things will be better. This will work out somehow. I know. Oh please!


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